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How PBL made me a better student

In 2009 I was in Year 6 and was bored out of my brain…getting the marks but not looking forward to go to school everyday. I asked myself everyday: Can’t somebody make education more engaging?

I went off to high school and fell in love. Our school has been doing Project Based Learning¬†based on the NewTech Network¬†model of teaching in the United States. In Year 7 I started PBL in Science and in Year 8 PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) and Science. Now that I am in Year 9 I am currently in my first full year of PBL at a school in Sydney’s West. The subjects that I do are a social studies class that is a combined English and HSIE class, CathTech a combined Catholic Studies and IST (Information Software Technology) Class and a Science class all based on the PBL model. I then do Maths and PDHPE like every other school in the diocese.

What is Project Based Learning

There is never a correct answer in PBL. Thats what I love about it, you use your brain and are not just being fed the information anymore. Learning with PBL is very engaging.

In this blog I will talk about my experiences, thoughts and ideas of learning with PBL and how it made me a better student. PBL prepares students for 21st century jobs and thats what I love about it.


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