In 2009 I was in Year 6 and was bored out of my brain…getting the marks but not looking forward to go to school everyday. I asked myself everyday: Can’t somebody make education more engaging?

I went off to high school and fell in love. Our school has been doing Project Based Learning based on the NewTech Network model of teaching in the United States. In Year 7 I started PBL in Science and in Year 8 PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) and Science. Now that I am in Year 9 I am currently in my first full year of PBL at a school in Sydney’s West. The subjects that I do are a social studies class that is a combined English and HSIE class, CathTech a combined Catholic Studies and IST (Information Software Technology) Class and a Science class all based on the PBL model. I then do Maths and PDHPE like every other school in the diocese.

What is Project Based Learning

There is never a correct answer in PBL. Thats what I love about it, you use your brain and are not just being fed the information anymore. Learning with PBL is very engaging.

In this blog I will talk about my experiences, thoughts and ideas of learning with PBL and how it made me a better student. PBL prepares students for 21st century jobs and thats what I love about it.


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